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Nov 17, 2017

Interviews are in high gear right now, and will continue until the TMDSAS Match (learn more about it here:

If you haven’t heard from a school, don’t despair! There’s still time! Here are the 3 steps to figuring out your next move in the application cycle:

  1. Research the schools
  2. Research the profession
  3. Practice your interviews
  • Research the schools
    • When were they established?
    • What’s their history?
    • What is the school’s mission?
    • What are their values?
    • What does the curriculum look like?
    • Why did they choose this curriculum?
    • What makes this school unique?
    • Now think – how do I fit in?
  • Research the Profession
    • Are you up on changes to healthcare?
    • Is there a philosophy that strikes you?
    • Why does Osteopathic medicine speak to you?
    • Why do you want to help people as a dentist?
    • What breakthroughs have helped veterinary medicine?
    • Read Journals and articles on changes to healthcare
  • Practice for your interviews 
    • The interview invitation is coming – are you ready?
    • Practice your handshake – firm, confident, not overbearing!
    • See if your advisor or career center offers mock interviews
    • Find questions online you can practice with a friend
    • Practice your reaction when you get caught with a question you have to think through.
    • Keep control of body language! Avoid: Nervous ticks Saying um Laughing/Crying Fidgeting Always practice patience, kindness, and courtesy. 


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