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Apr 25, 2017

Anne shares the fastest way to start your registration for the TMDSAS application and walks us through all the ways to get a hold of someone when you need help.

Cherry shares some advice for re-applicants to help them get registered for this application cycle. 


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Apr 24, 2017

Mr. Filo Maldonado from the Texas A&M College of Medicine joins us today to talk about his journey toward becoming the associate dean of admissions, and how his experiences have helped him connect with students. We gain wonderful insight into the admission process and what holistic review looks like at the Texas A&M...

Apr 20, 2017

Anne, Cherry, Alanna, Matthew and Enrique team up to give you "The 10 Things You Need to Start your TMDSAS Application" With the application opening in less than two weeks, students will want to know what they need in order to fill out their application. The 10 things you need to apply are:

  1. High School Rank
  2. College...

Apr 18, 2017

Dr. Segura from the UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry walks us through how she became the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and why she's called San Antonio home for 15 years.

We dig into what a dental school's curriculum looks like, and she connects how dental prerequisite courses line up with dental school...

Apr 13, 2017

In the episode of TMDSAS Corner, we meet staff members who answer incoming calls/emails/messages to TMDSAS. Throughout the season, we will continue to check in with them to discuss:

  • Common stumbling blocks that prevent applications from being transmitted to schools quickly
  • The tips and tricks that let you hit the...