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Jul 19, 2019

Welcome to episode 50 of the TMDSAS Podcast! Thanks to y'all as we reach this milestone - we're excited for the next 50+ episodes!

On this episode, we sit down with the "TMDSAS Task Force" comprised of:

  • Nichole Castillo, Academic Evaluator
  • Brendan Tyler, Application Support Specialist
  • Cherry Gonzales, Operations Specialist

The group answers commonly asked questions regarding coursework, technical issues, and supporting documents. Here are the timestamps for when we discuss each topic:

Coursework Questions

  • Entering AP Credit (3:48)
  • Entering Dual Credit (6:48)
  • Semester vs. Quarter Hours (7:58)
  • Whether a course was "Last Time Taken" (10:02)

Technical Questions

  • Making Changes after Submitting (12:41)
  • FERPA Regulations (15:19)
  • Why It's Important to Save Often (16:25)
  • Copying and Pasting into the Application (17:10)
  • Downloading a PDF of the Full Application (18:51)
  • Accessing and Using the PCR (19:27)
  • Issues with the Chronology (21:07)
  • Current vs. Planned Activities (22:08)
  • Don't Open Multiple Tabs/Windows (25:09)

Supporting Documents Questions

  • Supporting Docs Defined (25:56)
  • Supporting Document Processing Times (26:20)
  • Tracking Your Documents (27:09)
  • Documents Needed for Transmitting to Schools (27:49)
  • Documents Needed for Interview Invites (28:21)
  • Planning Your Transcripts Timeline (28:41)
  • Electronic Transcripts (30:42)
  • Foreign Transcripts (33:15)
  • Contacting TMDSAS (34:43)


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