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May 18, 2018

Dr. Irene Lazarus, former JAMP student and host of the Santopia podcast, joins us to discuss her experiences as a medical student and the journey to get there. We discuss how the program helped her reach her goal of becoming a doctor and attending UT Southwestern. 

Today’s episode is the first where we will explore different pathways after graduating from professional school. Our first guest is Dr. Irene Lazarus; she was a JAMP student who attended UT Arlington and later UT Southwestern.

During her time in JAMP, she attended a summer program at UNT-TCOM and at the Long School of Medicine. While she is a former JAMP student, her story through undergrad and medical school is surely going to resonate with a lot of our listeners. Learning about what she does now that she has graduated really opened my eyes to the opportunities available beyond the clinical setting we often associate with healthcare professionals.


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