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Apr 6, 2018

When you think about a mission statement, it often reads like a fluff piece. However, we explore how the mission/vision/values statements for professional schools have common threads that are linked to Core Competencies. Don't forget that the role of the admissions committee is to find applicants who support their mission/vision/values. In this episode, we’ll focus on the defined medical school core competencies as they provide a framework that nicely overlaps with the desired competencies across the health professions. Join our online communities to receive early access to the podcasts, ask questions and receive information directly from TMDSAS, professional schools and advisors. * The TMDSAS Hub is open to all applicants in the EY2019 cycle. ( * The Non-Traditional Applicants group is open to all applicants who identify themselves as non-traditional and would like to connect with other applicants.( If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, reach us at =============================================== Links to other resources on Core Competencies: Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students What Medical Schools are Looking for: Understanding the 15 Core Competencies Real Stories Demonstrating Core Competencies Behavioral and Social Science Foundations for Future Physicians DENTAL COMPETENCIES Competencies for the New General Dentist UT Health Houston SOD Competencies VETERINARY COMPETENCIES Entry-level DVM Core Competencies